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earth justice

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Earth Justice

Recall your first real encounter with the natural world. Were you a young child relishing in the grace of feeling the warm sun and summer breeze brush past your face? Maybe you gazed through a telescope staring in awe at a far off planet, light years away. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys climbing, camping, and hiking. For many, an experience of nature comes by walking through a local park or escaping into a quiet place. For others, the lessons of creation come from loving a family pet or watching a documentary about climate change.

In this age, movements aimed at expanding people’s understanding of our place and impact on the planet inspire and inform our work. We must listen deeply and prayerfully to the ancient wisdom of the Earth if we desire to ensure the great-grandchildren of generations to come have an environment conducive to the thriving and growth of all creation. By remembering we are a part of, rather than apart from, the larger, more diverse ecosystem, we can collectively liberate ourselves from the exploitation of our community.

At Benincasa Community, we pursue Earth Justice by participating in intersectional activism addressing the exploitation of the land and individuals based on their geography, gender, race, and class. We promote a Literacy of the Land, as sacred text, through programming that includes permaculture farming, new cosmology retreats, and educational opportunities seeking to explore the connections between sustainability, faith, and community.

If you or someone you know might be interested in joining this work, feel free to contact Sean Gargamelli-McCreight at for more information.

“If justice is a principle of nature, then we need a new type of religion consonant with nature, one that elucidates the justice of nature itself. Anything else will not work. As Albert Einstein quipped, you cannot solve a problem with the same conditions that created it...To participate in the world’s becoming, we must have faith in one another and faith in the world.”