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Benincasa Community Updates, Events & Invitations, and Reasons for Co-creation

Preparing Ourselves.

Preparing the way.


Benincasa Community's new website is finally up. You'll find brief explanations of our work, a recent history of the community, an archive of past newsletters, and videos exploring our connection to the Dominican tradition (thank you, Vern Walker for producing!).

The season of Advent is nearly upon us, and together we will conduct daily readings and reflections on the practice of radical discipleship in the spirit of supporting new life in our lives and community.

The events listed here are open to all, and we hope to see many of you join in this good work as we aim to co-create a more just world for generations to come.

Vigil for Yemen, Sat. 11-1p

Please join the NY Catholic Worker at Astor Place (in front of "the cube"), every Saturday from 11-1pm, as they call much needed attention to the Saudi led, US supplied, bombing of the Yemeni people. 17 million of Yemen's 28 million people are now food insecure and starving, because of the attacks and sanctions preventing outside food and aid from crossing the border. All acts fighting for peace in the Middle East and an end to US war are invitations for us to prepare ourselves and our world in this holy season.

Lancaster Against the Pipeline, Bus Tour + Action


Community Updates (cont.)

In other community news, Karen and Sean were joined by their family and friends from the Catholic Worker, Dominican Congregations, Connecticut and California in celebration of their marriage on November! We are grateful for everyone's love, joy and support as we embark on the new journey together and as a community. You truly have prepared the way!

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