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Benincasa Community Updates, Events & Invitations, and Reasons for Co-creation

New Configuration, New Work.

Your Invited to Opening Night! 
"Looking at One’s Footprints Along the Way" Laura Mogollon Lee 
(Artist in Residence - Abbey of Regina Laudis 2015, Benincasa Community 2016, Sheen Center 2017
Presenting: "A new series of images depicting a journey starting in Venezuela and continuing to New York, all while looking ahead towards the pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela."

September 7th @ 6pm for the Opening Night Reception at the Sheen Center Gallery (18 Bleecker St).

Uncharted Waters

As an educator it seems a little funny to settle into a new rhythm during the summer months. This is a time for rest and restoration, a time to enjoy the sun and recharge for the days and weeks and months ahead. Yet, for Jimmy and I these past few months have brought new tasks, new work, immense wonder and innumerable surprises. We took the leap. We quit our outside jobs. We joined Karen, who has been holding the ship steady for the last 2 years, in the full-time "work of the house". All three of us now dedicate our best efforts, energy, and waking hours to Benincasa Community. In truth, this work has always demanded the full attention of everyone on board. For too long we navigated too tight a schedule, and didn't quit the moment we felt exhausted. We spent 12 months discerning and preparing for this form of religious life. How should we divide the tasks? What would be our economic model? What will be our focus? Community members Yolette and Liz, as well as countless family and friends, supported and encouraged us toward this new journey. Those who love us knew that it would be both safe and life-giving to let out the sails and allow the work to be moved. 

We are relieved by the peace of mind and calm hearts God has shared with us as we venture forth into these seemingly familiar, albeit uncharted, waters.

It it not human intimacy that brings us together in Religious communities; nor is it blood ties, social compatibility, or common ministerial skills. We are called into community ‘in God’s name’ and not merely according to our own preference or primarily in obedience to an appointment by a Religious superior. Community is intended to be the context from which arise all our lifelong discernments—personal, ministerial, and congregational.
— Diarmuid O'Murchu

With love and prayer we joyfully share some of our new work with all of you.

  • Karen will continue to develop partnerships & programs between vowed and lay religious people while organizing and expanding the reach of the Dan Berrigan Retreat Center for Art and Activism in the 2017-2018 season
  • Jimmy will coordinate our community events and outreach while attending to the development of the Four Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community, and Ministry/Action for all Benincasa members.
  • Sean will farm and facilitate the Dominican Sisters of Baluvelt's Community Supported Agriculture Program in New York City while collaborating on the emergence of a youth and young adult eco-spirituality faith formation program at Harmony Farm.

A special thank you to Sr. Elaine Jahrsdoerfer, OP

In April, renowned Liturgist and Assistant Prioress, Sr. Elaine (Amityville) presented Benincasa Community with a brief history of Mass in the Catholic Church. We were energized by this time and continue to draw great inspiration from our conversation together.

Friends of the Community


Ana Maria Belique, Activist 

In 2015, authorities in the Dominican Republic rendered generations of people stateless, in violation of their human rights by stripping them of their citizenship. Our friend, Ana Maria Belique (Reconici.dostayed with us this month during the US premiere of the new documentary film, HASTA LA RAIZ (Down to the Root), detailing her work and how she and other Dominican-born citizens of Haitian descent fight for their civil and legal rights in a, "country where you were born and raised one day telling you that you do not belong anymore because of your parents’ origins."

Anna Maria shared how many in the Dominican Republic government are using the same far-right tactics we see and encounter in the United States. "Just as Trump is a president calling for the creation of a wall to cover the Mexico-US border, politicians in DR feel empowered to do the same over the invisible line standing between the Dominican Republic and Haiti."

Click the links above to learn more about this fight and to show your support today.


Congratulations to Fr. Luke Hansen, SJ

Join us in congratulating Luke on his recent ordination and continuing studies in Rome!

Read Luke's first homily about social justice, women's ordination, and Pentecost given at the Church of the Gesu in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 4th.

Sean McCreight