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Lent 2018 | Podcast | CWP

The season of Lent is upon us! A time of accounting for and reflecting on our lives, a time to empty ourselves, holding the hope of resurrection. 

Benincasa Community invites you to join in the following Lenten practices!

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Ash Wednesday Homily

Karen was invited to give the Ash Wednesday homily on "Catholic Women Preach"! She dives into the etymology of our best Lenten words ... and Sean and Jimmy even make a singing appearance! 

Watch Karen here! (click)


Lenten Podcast

Benincasa teamed up with our dear friend, Teresa Cariño, to produce Know Where We Stand, a 6 part Lenten podcast which explores Justice, Identity, Faith, and the Lay Catholic Consciousness. We interview 6 amazing guests, who share about their work in movement building and how faith intersects with their practice. Because conversations focused on intersectionality are far too absent from our broader church communities, we seek to ground our efforts in the voices of the laity, women, and people of color.

In exploring themes for each episode, we prayed with the "Stations of the Cross" and found a unique opportunity to participate in a standing and walking meditation. We are invited into the scenes of the crucifixion and asked: “Where do we stand?” and “With whom?” The devotion weaves in and out of two “story lines”: Stand by as Jesus is condemned, carries his cross, falls three times, is stripped, is nailed to the cross, and dies or Stand with Jesus like Mary (Mother), Simon of Cyrene (Stranger), Veronica (Sister), Joseph of Arimathea (Brother), Mary Magdalene (Friend), and the physical soil and cross (Earth). These six points of "Standing with" emerged as our episode themes.

We hope you are able to listen! And we hope this podcast provides points of reflection and challenge as part of your Lenten practice. 

Don’t miss them! See below for release date and episode info:

February 19 – Earth, Patricia Cipollitti is a National Co-coordinator and Faith Organizer for the Alliance for Fair Food, working in partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for farmworker justice. Her experience is steeped in movement building for ecological justice.

February 26 – Mother, Stephanie Zavala is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, who also identifies as a queer womxn. She is a current volunteer with Dominican Volunteers working at Siena House — a homeless shelter for moms and pregnant womxn. She is passionate about social justice and working towards the empowerment of Black and Brown communities.

March 5 – Stranger, Onleilove (pronounced Onlylove) Chika Alston, Founder of Prophetic Whirlwind was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. She is the former executive director at PICO-Faith in New York, where she led a multiracial and multifaith organizing federation of 70+ congregations representing 80,000 New Yorkers who are working to Build the Beloved City — where all of God’s children can live in dignity. Onleilove is also a community organizer, speaker, and writer.

March 12 – Sister, Viviana Garcia-Blanco is a current Dominican Volunteer working at the NGO Dominican Leadership Conference at the United Nations. She lives in intentional community with Sisters and other Dominican Volunteers in the Bronx. Viviana is originally from Berwyn, Illinois. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.

March 19 – Brother, Enmanuel Candelario and Lu Aya of The Peace Poets a group of five men who create music and poetry for the liberation of the human family. They are a mix of a rap crew and a humanitarian initiative, a blend of a rising artistic army of music makers who are making freedom songs contagious and five individuals who are just humbled by the opportunity to share their personal stories and listen to the stories of others. At their core, they are living and learning through a commitment to love people with music, words and actions.

March 26 – Friend, Li Adorno is a volunteer organizer with Movimiento Cosecha — a nonviolent movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. In December 2017 he was jailed and participated in a hunger strike to push Congress to pass a clean Dream Act.

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