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Many Ways to Celebrate Mary Magdalene - August/September 2019

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Dear friends,

Our 2018-2019 year--our 4th year as Benincasa Community!--culminated in celebrating the Feast of Mary Magdalene on July 13, 2019. The various elements of the day represented our learnings as a community over the years. Of course, the lesson we return to is that community makes all things possible… even the renewal of broken and disenfranchised Church community.

We began the day by introducing Benincasa Community and naming these Truths: 

  • That lay people are responsible for and capable of their own (and others) religious education and formation;

  • That women are called to and capable of leadership in our church communities;

  • That it is the people of God, on the ground, who create the images and statues, songs and prayers, and rituals that spark and sustain our faith.

Then, Rita Houlihan blewn open our minds and hearts, sharing her research about Mary Magdalene’s role in Jesus’ life and mission as well as the intentional distortion of her story. Rita asked us: How has the distortion of Mary Magdalene impacted us? And how does the Truth about Mary Magdalene change us today? Give yourself the gift of visiting and inviting Rita to speak at your parish or school!

Attendees at Fordham Lincoln Center during Rita's presentation.

Attendees at Fordham Lincoln Center during Rita's presentation.

Next, Judith Kubicki and many of our friends led us in a moving liturgy in celebration of Mary Magdalene. Judith called upon us to be like Mary Magdalene and to get up while it’s still dark, before the dawn, to be faithful witnesses to the Good News.


During the liturgy, our friends recounted how Mary Magdalene became the Apostle to the Apostles:

And we honored the Women Who Stayed ministry at the Church of St Francis Xavier:


And then … we processed with a figure of Mary Magdalene back to Benincasa Community!

Our many thanks to all who worked so hard to make this day possible, especially Karina Martin Hogan who went above and beyond and to Patrick Hornbeck and the Fordham Theology Department! Also, we send thanks to everyone who attended the feast and donated to our community, we are grateful for your very kind support. 

For lots more pictures, visit: 

In other news, six new people joined Benincasa Community this summer and will be staying with us through July 2020. Welcome Allison, Brooklyn, Gabby, Colleen, Rebecca and Brendan! (You’ll be hearing from them and about them soon!) … And one tiny baby member joined us too.

Thomas John Magdala Gargamelli-McCreight (we wanted to give him options) arrived on August 8th @ 1:03am. Thanks to all who sent their prayers and best wishes! 


May faith and courage be with you, and thank you for the many ways you share your love with us and others.

In peace,

Benincasa Community

Sean McCreight