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Through Every Age

Through Every Age

(Who we Are)

Through Every Age (TEA) is an initiative of Benincasa Community, a small community rooted in the Catholic tradition and connected to the Catholic Worker Movement, Dominican Sisters, and the “98th Street” Jesuits led by Daniel Berrigan. Prior to founding Benincasa Community, we struggled to find nourishment, vitality, and inclusion in the structures of parish life and canonical organizations. Guided by the Gospel, we sought jobs as advocates and educators, yet we served without the spiritual, intellectual, emotional or practical support of community. We felt a deep and almost desperate desire to: (1) evolve and expand our understanding of God, (2) deepen our contemplative practice and our commitment to gospel action and (3) live in community. Since Benincasa Community began its journey in 2015, we have met and befriended many with similar desires. TEA is designed to support those similarly seeking but not called to join in residence at Benincasa Community.  


We envision a community striving together to mature in their faith through regular study, dialogue, and prayer. We believe that the spiritual inquiries and the intellectual challenges of TEA will enrich and renew its participants.



TEA offers individuals the tools and a community in which to grow. TEA is inspired by the early Christian communities’ commitment to mutual aid and from the prophetic voices found in every age.

Program Details

There are three elements to this year-long program.

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Four Day-Long Retreats (with the option to stay overnight)


A daily prayer & study web-based program (20-30 minutes each night)

Ministry Exchanges

Addressing the challenges of service and justice work

2019-2020 TEA Program Details

Opening Retreat: September 20 - 21 2019

Online Programming - Part 1 (Sept 2019 - Dec 2019): Ancestors
Roots of Our Faith: A People's History of the Catholic Church 

Second Retreat: December 14, 2019

Online Programming - Part 2 (Jan 2020 - Mar 2020): Leaders
New Frameworks for Living Out Our Faith 

Third Retreat: March 21, 2020
Online Programming - Part 3 (Mar 2020 - June 2020): You
Moving into Action, Rebuilding Church and Your Role 

Closing Retreat: June 12 - 13 2020

Interested in TEA? Want to learn more? Have Questions? 
Attend one of three information sessions
Wednesday June 12, 2019 at 6pm @ Benincasa Community 
Saturday June 15, 2019 at 11am @ Benincasa Community 
Wednesday June 19, 2019 @ 6pm via Zoom (online)

RSVP to attend an info session:

Applications for the TEA 2019-2020 Cohort (just 4 questions, we promise!) are given out at the informtion sessions.